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We've got a couple of local donation groups already formed... and we've only just begun! Join one of our local collection teams. They'll be organizing donation drives in different cities across the country. Better yet, lead a donation collection team in your local area!


Contact our current teams available for local donations:


  • DC/MD area: Elianne Ramos at 646-932-7752


  • Southern CA: Liz Cerezo at 714-497-3097


  • Dallas, TX: Monica Olivera at 817-523-9514


More teams to be announced shortly.

Let us know if you're interested in leading your own team.





Local Volunteer Drives are being handled case-by-case. Please contact the numbers above

or send us an email below so we can put you in contact with a coordinator in your area

or send you guidelines for organizing a drive of your own.

NOTE: Please review our Terms of Use page.


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