“Although the initial frenzy about the fate of these children has subsided, the fact is that there is still a lot of work being done by organizations on the ground to help these children in their transition.”


~ Elianne Ramos, Founder      Border Kids Relief Project

Border Kids Relief Project Launches Its First Annual Holiday Donation Drive To Benefit Unaccompanied Minors.

All donations will go to Mary’s Center, a non-profit organization providing relief services to refugee children in the DC area.




WASHINGTON, DC – December 18, 2014 -- For many in the Latino community, a big holiday tradition is extending the holiday celebration until January 6, Three Kings Day. According to the legend, on that day, the "Magi of Bethlehem," also known as the Three Kings Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, extended their good will and welcoming presents to the newborn Baby Jesus. In that same spirit of hope, acceptance and generosity that defines the holiday season, the Border Kids Relief Project today announces its First Annual Holiday Donation Drive, #3Kings4BorderKids.


The drive – which will run from December 18th, 2014 to January 6th, 2015 – will benefit Mary’s Center, a DC-based non-profit organization that has been providing much-needed physical and mental health care, as well as legal assistance to unaccompanied minors from the very beginning. The goal of the holiday drive is to raise up to $10,000 in funds by January 6, 2015.

Suggested donations run from $10 to $500, but there is no donation limit or minimum to participate. Every penny raised will go directly to Mary's Center, who will use the funds to provide the children with toys on Three Kings day, and to continue their commendable mission over the next year. Donations can be made online through the Fundly.com platform at http://fundly.com/3kings4borderkids.


“Although the initial frenzy about the fate of these children has subsided, the fact is that there is still a lot of work being done by organizations on the ground to help these children in their transition,” said Elianne Ramos, Founder of the Border Kids Relief Project. “It's easy to forget how fortunate we all are to be able to enjoy the holidays with our families. These children are away from their loved ones and lack a sound support system. We hope to be able to continue our mission of supporting the organizations who are helping them, and to bring a touch of holiday magic into their lives.”




Mary’s Center, is a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides health care, family literacy and social services to individuals whose needs too often go unmet by the public and private systems. Mary’s Center uses a holistic, multipronged approach to help each participant access individualized services that set them on the path toward good health, stable families, and economic independence. 


The Center was founded in 1988 at a time, similar to now, when the United States was witnessing an influx of undocumented immigrants who needed health services. In recent times, Mary’s Center has provided over 500 newly arrived children with wraparound care services, including counseling and mental health, comprehensive medical care and linkages to community resources such as clothing, legal advice, housing, and education.  This unexpected expense was not in their budget and Mary’s Center cannot and will not turn any child away. 


As the number of uninsured patients at Mary's Center grows every day, we ask for your help. Your donation will enable Mary’s Center to provide for the unique medical, educational, and mental health needs of children who have endured unthinkable trauma in their desperate search for a safe haven.


Mary’s Center serves nearly 40,000 people, has six locations in the D.C.-metropolitan area, and staffs 450 employees. It offers 20 different programs that serve clients from over 100 countries. To learn more about the Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care, visit http://www.maryscenter.org/.




The Border Kids Relief Project was launched in the summer of 2014 by a group of concerned individuals and organizations, with the goal to build awareness and support for organizations providing unaccompanied minors/refugee relief efforts in DC, TX, CA and other locations. For more information, visit http://borderkidsrelief.org.