We know that the situation facing immigrant families and their children at the U.S. border is beyond inhumane. While offering help to the unaccompanied minors being held at detention centers across the country is not allowed at the moment, there are groups of accompanied children being transitioned into immigration proceedings as they relocate to areas where they have a family support system. Recognizing the opportunity to help these children's immediate needs for the short time while they are in transition, a group of concerned individuals and organizations have teamed up to build awareness and support for organizations providing child immigrant/refugee relief efforts in TX, CA and other locations.


NOTE: We do not provide relief/donation collection or adoption services ourselves. Our goal is to give visibility to organizations doing relief work on the ground and to be a resource to those who want to help these children. For information on relief providers in Texas, California and other areas, please check the listings on our ITEM DONATIONS page. If you know of any other providers, please add them to the list! The Border Kids Relief Project is a partnership between the following organizations:









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Write to us: contact@borderkidsrelief.org







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