Upcoming Donation Drives

Please check back on this page for more details coming soon!


Here's a peek at the actions we're taking this month to help the children caught in the border crisis.
More efforts and details coming soon!



Our first donation drive was a complete success! Last week, we hosted a collection of critical items in Washington, DC, and an amazing team of volunteers hand delivered them to the Sacred Heart Community Center in McAllen, TX, and stayed over for a couple of days to help the staff and other volunteers to take care of the children. 


Encouraged by the amazingly generous responses we got during this experience, we are moving forward with several local actions geared to gather item donations. As you have probably seen in news reports, some of the children are now being taken to locations around the country. For this reason, our team will concentrate its efforts in some of these cities.


ALL donations collected during our drives will then be sorted, packed and delivered by our volunteers to centers providing humanitarian relief to the unaccompanied children in the areas listed above. If you live in one of these cities and would like to take part in our local drive there, please contact us. Actions are also being planned in additional cities around the country. More information coming soon. Stay tuned!






Call us: 646.932.7752

Write to us: contact@borderkidsrelief.org







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